We approach each challenge from the ground up to impact  

on the unique challenges facing each and every rural community.

Our Approach

We approach every challenge from the ground up, collaborating with local leaders, prioritizing based on unique needs, and encouraging community participation throughout. With this outlook, we are creating real, sustainable change for the next generation of Armenians.

Impacting Armenia

COAF works to reverse the trends of poverty, conflict, instability, emigration and struggle in Armenia, by providing village youth and their families with access to the resources they deserve. Our goal is to create with them a new Armenia they can be proud to call home.


With 15 years of on-the-ground experience, COAF’s work has impacted tens of thousands of lives in rural Armenia. COAF SMART will broaden our impact, with the goal of reaching all 1,000 villages of Armenia by 2025.


⧭  7,000 enrolled in COAF programs

⧭  200 local specialists trained      

⧭  1,731 students receive free meals

⧭ 13 schools and kindergartens

⧭ 14 cafeterias and brushodromes

⧭ 10 creativity labs

⧭ 8 ambulatories and health posts

⧭ 14 playgrounds and public parks

⧭ 6 irrigation water networks

At COAF, our approach is holistic and comprehensive. We believe that long-term results can only be achieved through programs that address the unique issues facing each and every community, and the needs of the people living in each community.

The COAF team experiences first-hand the progress unfolding each day in Armenia’s rural villages – with your help we can reach further, into a future where every Armenian village can fulfill its own unique potential, and in turn give back to their country and to the world. Donate to COAF today and help us reach all 1.2 million rural Armenians.