Revitalizing, repairing and replacing infrastructure in villages across Armenia

Since our founding in 2003, COAF has undertaken over 100 infrastructure improvement projects—rebuilding and refurbishing schools, clinics and other vital village facilities. Our projects include reconstruct kindergartens, community centers and public spaces for village youth and their families. In rural areas of Armenia, many villages are isolated by long-neglected road systems, and access to quality drinking water is an ongoing challenge. We work with local partners to improve access, implementing changes such as a crucial irrigation system repairs. To date, COAF has provided clean water for more than 18,000 villagers through community collaboration. By support COAF, you help us continue to improve infrastructure in rural Armenia. Check out the images below to see our work in action.

Before and after photos of school infrastructure projects

SMART Rooms 360 Views

Akori SMART Room

Arevatsag SMART Room